A boy warrior and his dragon mother part 5

A boy warrior and his dragon mother

The strange man just stared at me, i began to feel uncomfortable, and none of us moved….

My mother made the first move, shooting at him with her fire attacks! it was like nothing iv’e seen, he dodged every single shot! thats when i made my move, thrusting with my blade, i then swung at him like i was on fire, i kept slashing, and slicing, etc.

me and my mother were tired out, heavy breathing and all, just then i felt something so powerful, so strong i couldn’t hold down anymore.

it was rage.

A boy warrior and his dragon mother #4

When I got back on my feet, I felt a cold chill flow past me, almost like a ghost. “Huh? Did you feel that?” My mother just shook her head and said “no.” l looked around in confusion, and continued walking. … I felt uneasy, thinking as if someone was was watching us from a distance.

“..,….. we are being watched, I can just feel it…” My mother said.

until I saw something emerge from the woods just by us, it was a bright light, like fire.

But then it shot out of the woods as I rolled out of the way and unsheathed my sword!

“yup,┬ádefinitely fire.” Knowing my mother has odd dragon powers, she shot a blue plasma orb towards the woods.

A figure stepped out of the slightly flaming woods, and had his eyes fixed on me…. or was he?



“you have the sword…”

“oh boy…” I said.

A boy warrior and his Dragon mother #3

we managed to escape the temple, as we were walking, I thought about life choices,I thought if I really wanted to go on a big quest to use the power of the sword, or if I were to get rid of the blade. We were still walking until we came to a tall mountain,my mother used her powers to fly to the top,however I had to climb up the over sized mountain. We were at the top,looking over the world we live in.But when I got to the very top,I tumbled down.”Ouch!” I said. My mother rushed down. “I’m fine!” I said.However, something was watching us…